Dublin born Artist, Keith Rowan Geoghegan, specializes in large urban landscape paintings featuring urban city landscapes from the familiar to the post industrial. Always with a bright palette and a focus on changing skylines and dramatic sunsets or morning dawn.. 

Dramatic Use of Colour

By using dramatic use of color KRG maximizes the full potential of oil paint onto stretched canvas. 

Among the most beautiful pieces, a desk by Pierre Guariche, a set with lounge chairs and a coffee table or a dining table by Gérard Guermonprez. The opportunity to verify once more that refined shapes and materials, created and designed as close as possible to the item’s funtion, complement each other perfectly, regardless of their age.

New mirrors with round or oval shapes, manufactured in materials already used in the collection – marble, brushed brass, stained oak – the creations signed by Pierre Dubourg are not only used as image reflectors but they also are part of the decor like a painting. The tinted glass and Silestone that adorn the mirrors’ surface are forming a kaleidoscope reflecting textured light effects, sometimes smooth, sometimes velvety. Designed as abstract art works, the mirrors can be hanged in any position, following the decorator’s instructions.


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